DIY storage

Just because I have nothing to do I decided to build a little storage in the back yard.


The storage is 2.70 meters wide by 1.80. The wall studs are 2.10 and the roof … I don’t remember.

Today was the third day working on it and I decided to take a picture before finishing so people will actually believe I am building it.

By the way, I was being sarcastic in the first paragraph.

Thx Santa (Yamada Denki)

After my fat PS3 broke I was avoiding buying a new one but this Yamada Denki’s price was unbeatable.

19,980円 for the PS3, cables and an extra Dual Shock 3 (without mentioning the Super Mario Bros’ clear folders)

PS3 160GB

Now I can finnaly play the Yakuza 4 that my brother gave me.