RIP 2006/12 – 2007/12

“We’re very sorry”, said the doctor to the family returning from the surgery room.
This was my feeling after the 811SH operation a month ago.

He was brave. Still breathing but soon will be put away due to a new comer (yeah, I am waiting the delivery of a new phone).

It is not that the new charger didn’t work… it is just that it is so f@&%$ annoying to charge the phone in a paper cup that I was really considering paying the ¥10.000 for an old-fashioned and big Vodafone-style cellphone.

I tried to buy a new one in the Softbank shop. But a new phone would cost me more than ¥80.000!!!!
With no choices left, I relay on the Internet trying to find something useful and that would not me cost eighth thousand bucks.

And… Ladies and gentlemen, here he is… the new 913SH.


I really hope this one will last for more than one year.