Today’s Kae-chan

Kaede Passos

Kaede Passos

Here is today’s Kaede. Cute as always (^_^)
And by the way… clean too.
Just wanna go back home and play a little with her. Just a little because she will start crying and I don’t like this part hehehehe.

Now she started smiling when we talk to her. Looks like she can recognize us already. Oh…, and she is making sounds too. Sure it doesn’t looks like talking yet… but hey, babies take a while to talk. Let her make noises first.


5 thoughts on “Today’s Kae-chan

  1. aaaanderson. o/ tempo que nao venho aqui ver. coisa mais fooofa tua filhinhaaa. nasceu quase no mesmo dia que eu. (nasci em 19/07, se voce nao lembra). ALJEALKEKALEL. muita saudadeee, beijão. :*

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