Kaede’s First Costco

We knew this day would arrive.
Everybody who comes to visit us (99%) are brought to Costco.
Those are pictures from Kaede’s first Costco. Soooooo many snacks.

2008.08.30 Kaede’s First Costco

Too bad she can not eat yet.
I will have to finish them all (^_^)


About Anderson Passos

Anderson teaches ICT and career related courses and is always searching for new ways of using technology in the classroom (for good or bad). His research interests include CRS, CALL and signal processing, among others.
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3 Responses to Kaede’s First Costco

  1. Megumi says:

    ola familia Passos no Nihon!!!!!
    saudades de todos vcs!!!
    a Kaede.tchan esta cada vez mais lindaaaaaa!!!!
    um grande beijo pro papai e mamae corujona e pra bonequinha kaede!rs
    mandem noticiassss

  2. coreana says:

    no me llevasteeeee (crying) lol

  3. Sicha says:

    Poha Son!
    Só tem porcaria nesse carrinho! Vai comprar comida nutritiva tchê!!!

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