Thoughts on UI

Nowadays everybody knows the importance that a good User Interface(UI) has in an application.

Why is it so difficult for people to cut the umbilical cord from Windows and Office products? True they are good, but the main reason is the user interface. So important that new products and existing competitors are always following Microsoft trends (OK, not all of them).

But even a great software company makes mistakes. Microsoft is a very well known example of this (not only in software business with numerous Windows bugs, but also with the XBox hardware and the famous “red ring of death”)
Today I was installing the Visual Studio Express in my computer at company, and … got some UI bugs in the installer (I am really picky!!!)

(1) The globe has a “pink” background.
(2) The check mark has white around itself.
(3) The blue arrow has white at the pointing edge.

Bug tracking should be applied to images too.


4 thoughts on “Thoughts on UI

  1. My toilet frequency is not as high as desirable these days and this may be affecting my neuronal system in ways I cannot realize but,

    weren’t you installing a MS xxxx Express software aka Freeware?? Do not blame people for buggy freeware even if it’s MS. I not gonna defend MS here, but MS if one of the most hated companies for the now freeware, no source, … policies, but the release a very nice nice such Visual Studio Express (you may also find SQL Server Expres) and you start throwing shit on the UI. But hello! there are lots shitty softs out there which of course aren’t developed by MS, but yeah may have some bugs, but then you don’t give a shit, you just say “Hey dude, it’s not MS here, so let’s respect their are doing their bests for free”. Well yeah! then tell me what the f**k where you doing, downloading that MS piece of crap!!???

    An advice for you man, respect yourself.

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