JLPT 2 …

image20500Well, as some of you know December, 7th was the day of the annual Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT), where foreigners try to prove they know some Japanese.

The test has 4 levels (1 to 4) where the most difficult one is level 1.

Well, I am living here in Japan for 3 years already… so I decided to try it this time. Well, it was a LUCK trial. First of all I had a reminder in my calendar for December 13th, one week later. Just found out about the exam’s real date on the night before.

Anyway, beside any excuse, I knew I would not pass. After all I choose the wrong level: 2. My Japanese still sucks, I know.

So… test day… there I was. Surrounded by Korean and Chinese people I was the only one who could not speak fluently. What a shame.

The only test I did well was the listening one. Well, if you think that I am working in a Japanese company and I NEED to understand what they are saying, it was not a big deal.

The picture above? My lunch. The test was from 9am to 3pm and the university cafeteria was closed. Good for me that I could try for the first time a Calorie Mate, so now I know I don’t want it anymore.

Hope you guys (who toke the test) were better than I.