Drinking Seven Cups of Coffee a Day May Lead to Hallucinations

Just found this one on the Internet:

“People who drink at least 330 milligrams of the stimulant a day were three times as likely to have hallucinations as those who consumed less than 10 milligrams a day…”

At first I was amazed. Hey… finally I found out about those voices I’ve been hearing lately…

But them, I saw their “Scientific Data”. 219 college students?

“Nine of the 22 people in the highest-caffeine group reported hearing disembodied voices, compared with three of the 22 people in the lowest-caffeine group”

So… does it mean that people in the low-caffeine group were hearing voices too?? What does it prove? If I will have hallucinations even without drinking coffee, them I rather drink it.

of course… from UK.


About Anderson Passos

Anderson teaches ICT and career related courses and is always searching for new ways of using technology in the classroom (for good or bad). His research interests include CRS, CALL and signal processing, among others.
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3 Responses to Drinking Seven Cups of Coffee a Day May Lead to Hallucinations

  1. Miquel says:

    Esto explica porque nunga hay nadie en el laboratorio… en realidad estan todo alla pero yo no los veo!!

  2. dns says:

    bem que eu ouvi uma voz dizendo: WHATTA CLASS!!!!!!

    se fosse ha’ alguns meses atras (um ano talvez) eu diria que eles estavam tomando o cha’ de magic mushroom, mas tendo em vista que isso foi finalmente chutado da excessao ‘a regra (serio, era legal a compra/venda), nao sei mesmo o que eles estariam tomando no cha’.

    mas se eu ouvir alguma coisa eu aviso!

  3. TomB says:

    “of course… from UK.”

    heh heh! living in tokyo is another reason, kana… ganbare anchan sarariman!!

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