Drinking Seven Cups of Coffee a Day May Lead to Hallucinations

Just found this one on the Internet:

“People who drink at least 330 milligrams of the stimulant a day were three times as likely to have hallucinations as those who consumed less than 10 milligrams a day…”

At first I was amazed. Hey… finally I found out about those voices I’ve been hearing lately…

But them, I saw their “Scientific Data”. 219 college students?

“Nine of the 22 people in the highest-caffeine group reported hearing disembodied voices, compared with three of the 22 people in the lowest-caffeine group”

So… does it mean that people in the low-caffeine group were hearing voices too?? What does it prove? If I will have hallucinations even without drinking coffee, them I rather drink it.

of course… from UK.


3 thoughts on “Drinking Seven Cups of Coffee a Day May Lead to Hallucinations

  1. bem que eu ouvi uma voz dizendo: WHATTA CLASS!!!!!!

    se fosse ha’ alguns meses atras (um ano talvez) eu diria que eles estavam tomando o cha’ de magic mushroom, mas tendo em vista que isso foi finalmente chutado da excessao ‘a regra (serio, era legal a compra/venda), nao sei mesmo o que eles estariam tomando no cha’.

    mas se eu ouvir alguma coisa eu aviso!

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