1 ano…

From Marriage Aniversary

E jah faz um ano…

Dia 19 de janeiro de 2008 foi o dia do meu casamento. Nem parece que jah passou 1 ano.

Na comemoracao, a Yuko botou a mao na massa e preparou uns kitutes. Ela tah ficando boa na cozinha… heheheh

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Anderson teaches ICT and career related courses and is always searching for new ways of using technology in the classroom (for good or bad). His research interests include CRS, CALL and signal processing, among others.
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2 Responses to 1 ano…

  1. omorikazuyoshi says:

    1 ano e meio ja????

  2. dns says:

    to ganhando, ja’ vou pro sexto! 😀

    e a Kaede ja’ ta’ com quanto?

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