it was not me…

This time I didn’t do it.

Last month my wife got a sawing sewing machine from her Mother. I thought it would be on a corner for a loooong time, but surprisingly yesterday she was sawing sewing until 2 am 😯

The picture above is from her first work. Oh, the brownies were made by her also.

Great job Yuko… I hope from now on the table will be always cute like that.

Ps.: I really want her to learn and master it. Maybe we can save some money with clothes 😉


4 thoughts on “it was not me…

  1. Save money with clothes?! jeez…
    BTW, it’s sewing! A “sawing machine”? I thought you had bought a machine to cut wood! Yuko was sawing wood until 2am??
    Hehe, Kaede’s gonna be speaking some wierd shit!

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