not so easy as it seems

My friends used to make fun of me when I say that I don’t know how to tie a necktie. Well, first of all I think I didn’t used a necktie more than 10 times in my life so… it was not really a necessity.

But, for every man comes a time when he has to face his fears. And here I was… on the Internet, looking for instructions on how to tie a necktie.

Guess what? it is not that easy. It is Math!!!!

Click on the image to go to Yong Mao’s web site. The guy wrote about Theory of Tie Knots, and sank my motivations on learning how to tie a necktie.


About Anderson Passos

Anderson teaches ICT and career related courses and is always searching for new ways of using technology in the classroom (for good or bad). His research interests include CRS, CALL and signal processing, among others.
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