AMEX & I, a love and hate relationship

AM-EXToday was the day.
I finally cancelled my American Express Card after 10 months of a love&hate reletionship.
Everything started in the 5th month of my contract.
After spending too much, the money in my bank account was not enough to cover the credit card bill. Fair enough, I received a call from them to inform me that my card had been suspended until the payment had been done.
I was really surprised to receive such call because I thought they would get the money in the next money… but ok, no problem with that.
Next pay-day I transferred the money and back to the happy buying days!!!!

6th month was love, no problem at all. Just paid everything and realized I had a lot of customer points.

7th month was hell. I got a call again from the customer service telling me that my card was going to be suspended… again.
But why???
This time I was really surprised and couldn’t realize the reason of suspension once I’ve made the previous payments.

After the shock, I decided to call AMEX customer service once more and try to speak with someone who could understand some english (I am in japan remember? and even if you choose english in the automated phone service, they always speak to you in japanese).

After talk to a guy, I figured out the problem: my bill had exceeded 100.000 japanese yen. So far, so good… they had a reason to do it, and as a very understandable person .. I didn’t complain at all.

That was the moment when the guy asked me “do you have any other question sir?”. I decided to ask him about the number of payments that I could do when I buy something.
One of the main reasons for me to have a credit card is that you can have NOW what you could buy after saving money for 5 months. But my current AMEX was able to buy things in only ONE payment. So… what was the purpose?
His answer: “you can’t do it in your first year. If you want to use your credit card for that you should use another credit card” !!!!!!!!!!!!


It was really hard to hear that. How could he tell me to use another credit card???
Anyway… month by month I was paying it late. Sometimes on purpose, sometimes because I didn’t really have money. But I realized that only the fact that I have a credit card, was already puting me in danger. Holding a credit card gave me power that I didn’t have. Buying power!!!
It is like everything is “just” 10.000 yen, and I will pay it next month anyway.

After only ten of those “just”s, and my bill overflowed… again.

So… today, was the last day that I was a proud AMEX card holder.
Hated their customer service, hated their policy for first year’s customers, and hated when I tried to buy Skype credits and COULDN’T because they don’t accept AMEX!!!!!

Now I will be like tose japanese old mans. Will start walk with a lot of 10000 yen bills in my pocket. I just hope it doesn’t take me ’till the retirement to be able to have them. :s


About Anderson Passos

Anderson teaches ICT and career related courses and is always searching for new ways of using technology in the classroom (for good or bad). His research interests include CRS, CALL and signal processing, among others.
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