It’s working!!!!

It is working!!!
Finally, after a loooong time working on it and doing overtime for the last 2 months.
My project is finally working!
Friday night… Cold Friday night.
I go back home almost freezing, like any other day. But today is different.
Today I DID something. Today people were looking to me and I could see their thinking had changed from “this guy is going nowhere” to “you did it, congratulations”.
It has a very different and special taste.
I would’t say say it tastes like revenge, but it does.
Revenge against the fuc@$*# USB Host that by any means wanted to work.
Revenge against the SCSI commands that are not “required” to be supported.
Revenge against the crazy +10 layers that were used when someone developed the base code 100 years ago.
Revenge… REVENGE… Reeeeeevvveeeeeeennngee!!!!!

I just fell so good.
No words to express it. Now I can finally ask for long vacations and go to Brazil.

Can I??
Maybe after I pay my bills.
This is another story ….


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