Back up… and backing up

Just want to go “tech” for a change.
This is not a guide or review. I just wanna share some usefull findings and will keep updating this post.

Recently I’ve been testing some programs that provide storage in the “cloud”.
It is a little terrifying when I think about loosing all my data if something weird happen to my hard drive, the problem is that I can’t/don’t want to buy a new external HDD.
Another item in my wish list is to be able to control my computer at home (sometimes) and in some way keep access to my media (video/music) in a uniform way.
Below is the list of the programs I tested so far:

  • DropBox (
    Storage: 2.0~3.0 GB
    Features: Keep files in your computer (in My docs)
    File Versioning
    Overal experience: loved. Storing MP3 files in it allows me to stream music straight to my iPhone
  • FolderShare (
    Storage: ??
    Features: Keep files in your computer (can chose directory path)
    Overall experience: hated. The web interface is confusing and the sync application hanged several times.
  • SkyDrive (
    Storage: 25 GB
    Features: huge space to put your stuff. Files can not be bigger than 50MB.
    Overall experience: Still testing and loved so far.
  • LiveMesh (
    Storage: 5120 MB
    Features: Keep files in your computer(can chose directory path)
    Overall experience: the web UI is… heavy.All of the above services (3 from Microsoft) offer different functionalities and, as I can understand, aim to different targets.
    Actually I am using Dropbox to keep files synchronized between PCs.
    I do think that data persistence is important… but I will leave it to Microsoft, dropbox, etc to do it in their servers. For my daily life, keep a lot of redundant space makes no sense.
  • Keep my backups and old data that I don’t access often in my notebook has become annoying also.
    My hard disk is shrinking on every windows, flash and QuickTime update. From my point of view a store house where I can put my old data without worrying about “where did I put the DVD case with the backups” or “oh no! the baby is playing with my backup CDs” is one of the first items in my wish list.

    So… at the time of this post, the solution I am using is:

    ・keep my important documents backed up and always up-to-date.
    ・no remote control but I keep a folder synchronized in uTorrent so I can start downloading things without interaction.
    ・easy access to documents from iPhone (just in case I need my resume).

    ・I started using SkyDriverExplorer ( but stopped soon because there was no drive letter for the drive.
    Now I am using Gladinet ( and it is really convenient because it not only gives me a drive letter which can be accessed from a DOS prompt but also keeps different credentials for each drive I map. For instance, my SkyDrive and my wife’s SkyDrive can be accessed without problem in the same machine, at the same time.

    If someone is using a different solution for storage in the “cloud” or have a different approach, let me know.


    About Anderson Passos

    Anderson teaches ICT and career related courses and is always searching for new ways of using technology in the classroom (for good or bad). His research interests include CRS, CALL and signal processing, among others.
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    1. Tom says:

      Holy crap! What an amazing blog! (Although I couldn’t be bothered to read the tech stuff… Also, I didn’t realise just how crazy you are about Mario!)

      Anyway, Happy New Year.
      All the best to yourself and the rest of the Passos family!! xxx

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