Work/life balance

One thing I respected during my time working for a big international company was the work-life policy they had.
I learnt how important it is, for an organization, to respect its employees personal life.

Today is monday. I arrived at the office 20 minutes before time.
As usual, took out my coat and before I could sit down, someone approached me and say: “Hey Anderson, I have a favor to ask”.
of course my answer was “sure!”, but my real thinking was “can I sit down first?”

And it was not all.
The guy followed his request adding: “Yesterday I had to do some changes in the code…” Hey… wait a minute!!! Yesterday? it was sunday.

That made me think about the “work/life” policy I mentioned before. And that is a clear example about how japanese people priorize things in life.
The guy who came to me this morning is Japanese (of course), and married. He has a family to spend weekend with and the project is not even late.
I will not enter the merit of his personal relationship. Maybe he has problems… maybe not.
But anyway, this is not the first time it happens. I see that everyday in my company and some friends working for japanese companies also report the same situation happening with them.

Maybe it is only my company. Maybe I am unlucky.
Or maybe it is just an opportunity to lead a change in my company’s policy and introduce the work/life balance concept.

The big question is. Can they change their mind?
That we will see.


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  1. well, that doesnt happen in england. people here have a pint of booze to spend the weekend with, and they can’t live without that.

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