And i have it … Again

After a long time in her mom’s house, my wife is back and also my lunch!!!

It was really difficult to eat real food without her around. I am glad she is back and I am glad she loves me enought to make bento every day 🙂

About Anderson Passos

Anderson teaches ICT and career related courses and is always searching for new ways of using technology in the classroom (for good or bad). His research interests include CRS, CALL and signal processing, among others.
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1 Response to And i have it … Again

  1. edu says:

    Grande Abu, continua o mesmo safado.
    Cara, depois de casado, também descobri o valor da comida da esposa. Da mão da Vê sai massa, tortija, a la minuta… e da minha mão só sai sanduiche de presunto ou cerveja da geladeira.
    Grande abraço meu velho

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