Long time without a post… This One is stupid but I had to write it.

I am watching a girl in the train putting glue on her eyes. I’ve heard that before but it always sounded like an urban legend for me.

Why glue? To make her eyes rounded. She was putting glue on the upper part (close to the eye brow) and then holding the skin with a stick until the glue dried.

Crazy stuff. This is Japan.


One thought on “Glue???

  1. magrão em 19…….e qualquer coisa a Beth (Imã do Dr.Edson dentista lembra? ) Naquela época ela já
    comentava que antes de fazer a cirurgia p/o corte na
    pálpebra ela colocava cola. Suas japas estão atrasadas
    já existe a cirurgia.

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