From amusement to deception

Last week I got my hands on a lot of old macintosh computer. Really old ones.

I started playing with the parts and came up with a really good power mac G4 800 Mhz with 1.2 Gb RAM and 80 Gb of HD.

I was amazed…
The feeling, the pleasure I was feeling to watch my achievement booting ip can not be described in words.
I don’t know why computer people (like me) likes to give life back to old computers/devices.

Anyway… My amusement lasted for a day. Today I realized what means to have a computer that is not supported anymore. Even to browse the Internet was a pain in the ass.

The problem: no more application for PPC macs.
The result: I just realized that I is easier to buy a new Mac and forget this bulshit


3 thoughts on “From amusement to deception

  1. Quick comment: you know you can install ubuntu (ppc version supported) and then you can browse the web with an advanced browser like firefox, right?

  2. build a hackintosh.

    easiest way, dont build: get a dell laptop 1501 (i think 1525 also works) with amd processor etc, download ideneb 1.5 i think (it’s a special mac os 10.5.8 built with all the ‘drivers’ that machine needs). installs like ‘next next done’ and you have a leopard machine running. i did it, works like a charm. i have windows vista and osx on dual boot.
    follow this link:

    there’s a ideneb with osx 10.6 but i havent tried 😛
    have fun 🙂

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