Room Monitoring

Here I am, bored with so much paperwork to do during the winter break that I decided to go back in time a little bit and work with hardware again. OK, it is not REALLY “working with hardware”, but at least I can remember good old times when I was riding a train for 2 hours in Tokyo in order to get to work.

Enough talking, I decided to build up a sensor for my university’s computer labs. It is pretty annoying that everyday someone from the administration comes to me complaining about lights that were left on or about the air-conditioning system’s temperature.

So here comes the Arduino to the rescue.
Arduino is a open hardware platform targeted to be used by beginners (here I am). My primary objective is to check whenever the room lights are on, if the air-con temperature is inadequate and also (as a bonus) the humidity in the room.

The parts I’ve used are listed below:

Below the pictures of this little project of mine:

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3 thoughts on “Room Monitoring

  1. funciona!! 😀
    aquela coisa, nao vai fazer magica, mas e’ uma mao na roda. ao inves de aspirar toda semana eu mesmo, agora faco uma vez a cada dois meses. eu ponho pra cima tudo que tem no chao e ponho ele pra rodar todo final de semana. e’ excelente pra poeira e cabelos principalmente.

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