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去年、うちの庭で桜を植えました。 今の時期で目が出ているので、すぐに花が見れると思います。 すごくお楽しみにしています。 As flores de Sakura estao quase saindo. As arvores foram plantadas ano passado nesta mesma época e parece que se acostumaram com o quintal.

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My Neighbor Sparrow

I’ve been trying to convince them that it was not good to build a house so close to my front door. But after two weeks, I gave up. Welcome home sparrow family.

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DIY storage

Just because I have nothing to do I decided to build a little storage in the back yard. The storage is 2.70 meters wide by 1.80. The wall studs are 2.10 and the roof … I don’t remember. Today was … Continue reading

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Working at home (sort of)

Today is holiday in Japan and I decided to fix something around. There is a place that should connect our house to a street, but for some reason we have no right to use that road. The result is that … Continue reading

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Home Alone

Alone with the kids tonight

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O menino mais bonito do mundo

O Tsubasa já tem um concorrente forte!!! 🙂

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E nós compramos um berço

E é claro que a Kaede quer dar colo o tempo todo (o que deixa o berço livre pro Tsubasa aprontar)

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