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IPhone 3GS vs iPad power adapter

Went out for lunch and left my old iPhone 3GS charging with the iPad adapter. The result can be seen on the picture below. As you can see, the 10w iPad power adapter was not nice to the iPhone battery … Continue reading

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Telefone Novo

Sim… já tô com ele na mão. Trocando ou nâo trocando o preço da minha conta ia ficar na mesma. Já que vai pagar… que pague pelo mais novo.

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From amusement to deception

Last week I got my hands on a lot of old macintosh computer. Really old ones. I started playing with the parts and came up with a really good power mac G4 800 Mhz with 1.2 Gb RAM and 80 … Continue reading

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End of Privacy

Ok… now I am starting to freak out!!! Source: Gizmodo

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Don’t run your life on Facebook and MySpace – get a real life and real friends instead.

That’s what they say. Eric Schmidt (picture below), the chief executive of Google, gave an interview to The Wall Street Journal and said, among other things, that we are sharing too much of our personal lives. And guess what? He … Continue reading

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Back to jail

And here I am… back to jail. Yesterday my phone stucked and after a hard reset it was unable to restart. I tried to restore the old firmware (3.1.2) but iTunes kept saying that it could not be done. The … Continue reading

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App Inventor

Today, looking on the Internet, I found this. Looks pretty interesting. Will keep an eye on it.

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I got Ronaldinho in my FIFA 2010

I don’t remember Ronaldinho playing in this world cup. 8-| Who does Eletronic Arts consult before releasing this???

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iPhone 4

After the release of Apple’s iPhone 4, how much people are selling it back in the market? Continue reading

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Will it blend?

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