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去年、うちの庭で桜を植えました。 今の時期で目が出ているので、すぐに花が見れると思います。 すごくお楽しみにしています。 As flores de Sakura estao quase saindo. As arvores foram plantadas ano passado nesta mesma época e parece que se acostumaram com o quintal.

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Not really a summer project, but my daughter had been bugging me for a while to make a video and yesterday, she made a clay version of the whole family. So I decided to help her making a short animation … Continue reading

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Not sure I completely agree, but the statement below called my attention: “…We spend our days in meetings and talk about “thinking outside the box…” So, here is the question: Are we teaching conformity? How can we effectively make … Continue reading

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My Neighbor Sparrow

I’ve been trying to convince them that it was not good to build a house so close to my front door. But after two weeks, I gave up. Welcome home sparrow family.

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DIY storage

Just because I have nothing to do I decided to build a little storage in the back yard. The storage is 2.70 meters wide by 1.80. The wall studs are 2.10 and the roof … I don’t remember. Today was … Continue reading

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Achei!!!! Tive que vir até a Koreia do Sul pra encontrar. Na minha época Dunkin Donuts não tinha lanche… era só Donuts.

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In Seoul

Almost ready… Presenting in 10 minutes.

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Lucky day?

UPDATE: It was a pretty normal day…. Today I filled up the gas in my scooter… and got a suggestive number in the receipt. Is it going to be a good day? or a bad day? Will report later.

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Bentou again

Kids to school and my Bentou back!! 🙂

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Model Show

Kaede is on stage today. 🙂

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