Model Show

Kaede is on stage today.

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Lazy? or smart?

Long time away from my own blog… time to post something interesting.

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Lunch anyone?
Yes, it is dry noodles. No time for cooking it.


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The view from my office.
The Sakura tree is really beautiful.


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New Purchase

That’s what happen when you become a teacher… you start to enjoy buying office material.

Here is my latest purchase, just before classes start.

Still in the box... huge and flat box.

making sure it is leveled.

... and the final product.

Now I am ready to write that TO DO list of mine

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Working at home (sort of)

Today is holiday in Japan and I decided to fix something around.
There is a place that should connect our house to a street, but for some reason we have no right to use that road. The result is that we had a lot of garbage blocking that entrance.

But no more. Below is the new fence that I set up. Notice that I am saying “set up” instead of built for the simple reason that I just bought the parts (no wood cutting at all).


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Room Monitoring

Here I am, bored with so much paperwork to do during the winter break that I decided to go back in time a little bit and work with hardware again. OK, it is not REALLY “working with hardware”, but at least I can remember good old times when I was riding a train for 2 hours in Tokyo in order to get to work.

Enough talking, I decided to build up a sensor for my university’s computer labs. It is pretty annoying that everyday someone from the administration comes to me complaining about lights that were left on or about the air-conditioning system’s temperature.

So here comes the Arduino to the rescue.
Arduino is a open hardware platform targeted to be used by beginners (here I am). My primary objective is to check whenever the room lights are on, if the air-con temperature is inadequate and also (as a bonus) the humidity in the room.

The parts I’ve used are listed below:

Below the pictures of this little project of mine:

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IPhone 3GS vs iPad power adapter

Went out for lunch and left my old iPhone 3GS charging with the iPad adapter. The result can be seen on the picture below.

As you can see, the 10w iPad power adapter was not nice to the iPhone battery (which should be using a 2.5w power adapter).

That’s why one should always read the device specifications before connecting things to the power outlet.

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Fim de semana

Fim de semana passado fomos com amigos nossos ver um show pra crianças. No final, todo mundo fazendo pose pra foto. 🙂

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