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DIY storage

Just because I have nothing to do I decided to build a little storage in the back yard. The storage is 2.70 meters wide by 1.80. The wall studs are 2.10 and the roof … I don’t remember. Today was … Continue reading

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Thx Santa (Yamada Denki)

After my fat PS3 broke I was avoiding buying a new one but this Yamada Denki’s price was unbeatable. 19,980円 for the PS3, cables and an extra Dual Shock 3 (without mentioning the Super Mario Bros’ clear folders) Now I … Continue reading

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Lucky day?

UPDATE: It was a pretty normal day…. Today I filled up the gas in my scooter… and got a suggestive number in the receipt. Is it going to be a good day? or a bad day? Will report later.

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Lunch anyone? Yes, it is dry noodles. No time for cooking it.

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The view from my office. The Sakura tree is really beautiful.

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New Purchase

That’s what happen when you become a teacher… you start to enjoy buying office material. Here is my latest purchase, just before classes start. Now I am ready to write that TO DO list of mine 🙂

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Working at home (sort of)

Today is holiday in Japan and I decided to fix something around. There is a place that should connect our house to a street, but for some reason we have no right to use that road. The result is that … Continue reading

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Room Monitoring

Here I am, bored with so much paperwork to do during the winter break that I decided to go back in time a little bit and work with hardware again. OK, it is not REALLY “working with hardware”, but at … Continue reading

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IPhone 3GS vs iPad power adapter

Went out for lunch and left my old iPhone 3GS charging with the iPad adapter. The result can be seen on the picture below. As you can see, the 10w iPad power adapter was not nice to the iPhone battery … Continue reading

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Home Alone

Alone with the kids tonight

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