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Working at home (sort of)

Today is holiday in Japan and I decided to fix something around. There is a place that should connect our house to a street, but for some reason we have no right to use that road. The result is that … Continue reading

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Family Communication

Is there a better way to promote communication inside the house?

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little more than a month

Little more than a month… until our second baby to be born. We’re in a mix of excitement, and worry. Kaede still doesn’t understand (I think) that a little brother is coming and I think things will be really hard … Continue reading

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From William’s Visit 二月に楓ちゃんのために弟が家に来てくれた。 最初は楓ちゃんは笑顔ができなかったけど、2時間ぐらいの後で抱っこや遊ぶことがいっぱいできた。同じ匂いかな~? おじさんは超嬉しい… 楓ちゃんはすぐに仲良くなりました。 🙂   . 今度はパッソス家はおじさんの家に行くかもしれない。 来てくれてありがとうね:)       .

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International Family’s Meeting

From International Family Meeting Just like the other 99% of japanese women, my wife is also addicted to Mixi. In the picture above moms and their little “angels”. How everybody knows each other? Silly question… mixi of course. We had … Continue reading

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2 Semanas

Passos Kaede E aqui está minha princesinha. Comportadíssima tomando banho esta manhã. Ah… e agora é oficial: Kaede Passos A Yuko já está chamando ela o tempo todo de Kae-tchan 🙂 E como não podia ser diferente, eu falo com … Continue reading

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Welcome Home

E nasceu a filhota. Dia 16 de julho nasceu a tão esperada criança. Pesando 3252g e medindo 52cm demorou mais de 24 horas pra nascer… dando um trabalhão danado não só pra mãe dela que estava ali sentindo dor como pra … Continue reading

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