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Room Monitoring

Here I am, bored with so much paperwork to do during the winter break that I decided to go back in time a little bit and work with hardware again. OK, it is not REALLY “working with hardware”, but at … Continue reading

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While deleting some old emails I found this. It comes from an old friend who happens to be an engineer. Enjoy. Achei esta pérola enquanto limpava meus emails. Claro que quem me mandou foi um amigo engenheiro.

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Unmaintainable Code

As if it was the other day I was a programmer… ahhh… good times. I just found something on the Internet that made me remember of the time I was fighting my way through the jungle of legacy spaghetti code. … Continue reading

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Another Conference

On September 16 I’ve been to Nagano on another (medical) conference. Again, felt like in an E.R. episode. The conference was well organized and many student’s papers were really interesting. The auditorium was full and I must confess that I … Continue reading

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E.R. Anybody??

In Gifu now. 1st T-K-J Maternal-Fetal Medicine Symposium. I am the only tech person here and only one not from Southeast Asia (T-K-J stands for Taiwan, Korea and Japan) Everything is fine. The only problem is that some discussions are … Continue reading

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Don’t run your life on Facebook and MySpace – get a real life and real friends instead.

That’s what they say. Eric Schmidt (picture below), the chief executive of Google, gave an interview to The Wall Street Journal and said, among other things, that we are sharing too much of our personal lives. And guess what? He … Continue reading

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Acompanhando a Copa do Mundo

Acompanhar a copa do mundo aqui no Japao eh meio dificil. Os dois primeiros jogos da selecao Brasileira foram as 3 da manha. No primeiro eu nao consegui acordar e pra garantir que ia conseguir assistir o segundo jogo, montei … Continue reading

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